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RATTUNDE offers everything from a single source, with a comprehensive range of services available to you whenever you need it. The ACS production systems by RATTUNDE are first-class, high-performance solutions for fast, high-precision and cost-effective workpiece machining - in other words, products of the highest quality. And this is exactly what we expect of our customer service and support. We want your manufacturing technology to operate optimally and reliably at all times. You can always count on our customer service and support with fast spare parts delivery, a predictable maintenance schedule, expert remote maintenance and meticulously executed repairs. You can also rely on effective training, intelligent software developments, patented tool systems and comprehensive retrofits (upgrades, modernization). With RATTUNDE services, you’ll ensure the best possible performance of your ACS production systems. In the section below you’ll find an introduction to our range of services.

RATTUNDE SERVICE: Make the most of this competitive advantage
to ensure sustainable performance over the long term!

RATTUNDE - Service Hotline/Technical Support

Personal assistance:

the service hotline and technical support

Do you have a question about your ACS production system, a current production run or a particular parameter? Do you need a software update or technical support? Our service hotline is here for you! Our service hotline is your primary contact for all inquiries, from ordering spare parts to requesting a maintenance and repair technician. Our specialists support you with professional solutions and assist you in resolving whatever issues you have. Simply give us a call or send us an e-mail - we’ll provide the support you need!

RATTUNDE - Remote maintenance/Remote services

Efficient support:

remote maintenance - fast analysis in real time via our remote services

Immediate support regardless of where your production site is located is what matters when you need help fast! Remote Service is a location-independent, innovative VPN connection that we use for remote services/maintenance (VPN technology). Should you have a technical question or machine-related issue, remote maintenance specialists from RATTUNDE AG (Germany) and
RATTUNDE Corporation (United States) can immediately log in to your ACS production system online via remote diagnostics. We can then see in real time what's happening on your screen and what processes are running in the background. This prompt analysis of the technical and system conditions enables us to assess the situation accurately, identify the required parameters and efficiently guide your operator to the right solution.

Advantages of the Remote Service technology
  • Fast assistance and ultra-rapid response times
  • Protected VPN data connection
  • Minimal time required
  • Easy optimization of machine/production parameters
  • Quick support via rapid diagnostics
  • Uncomplicated software modification via remote diagnostics
RATTUNDE - Spare parts service/Repair

Powerful production right from the start!
Ensure system availability

Original spare parts with top quality guaranteed

You’ll achieve optimal results and efficient production with our original systems and parts - with us, nothing is left to chance! With a RATTUNDE ACS® production system, you get not only a fantastic machine, but an outstanding spare parts delivery system as well as excellent customer service and support. We always keep mission-critical components in stock or can procure them very quickly. Our original spare parts are designed to ensure that you always receive top quality with ultra-fast delivery.

Spare parts delivery and repair at a glance:
  • professional advice on repairs and spare parts
  • fast on-site service provided by a maintenance and repair technician
  • quality promise with original spare parts
  • creation of customized spare parts and consumables packages
  • replacement of refurbished parts and assemblies
  • spare parts sales and resource planning... all from a single source!

Our tip: Create and maintain a small inventory of frequently required components/wearing parts, special projectrelated spare parts or special design parts on site. This will enable you to take action as needed and to maximize system availability. Our goal is to keep the production systems up and running at all times. A RATTUNDE technician can join you quickly on site to attend to your system. Get in touch with us - we’ll be happy to advise you!


Preventive safety measures:


Regular inspections of your ACS® production systems ensure that your production processes run smoothly and efficiently. We create customized service plans (maintenance plans), according to which your systems will be inspected in detail and a scheduled servicing (maintenance) interval will be defined. We use informative protocols to identify the measures implemented and recommend action to be taken on critical items.Upon request we will prepare a specific offer for you and support your trouble-free production processes with preventive maintenance services. This will ensure that your investment retains its value over the long term and saves precious time.

RATTUNDE - Predictive maintenance

Preventing downtimes:

maintenance and scheduled corrective maintenance

Predictive maintenance is the most important factor in ensuring continuous, trouble-free production, i.e. taking the right action at the right time! We work together with you to clarify your spare parts requirements and schedule maintenance work or repairs for your production system.

Your benefits:
  • predictable and preventive maintenance
  • predictive/preventive maintenance contract ensures greater planning reliability
  • prevention of unscheduled repairs
  • prevention of unplanned costs
  • high machine availability (system availability) for maximum productivity
  • continuously efficient production

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Optimization is all about saving resources, harnessing power, leveraging opportunities and increasing productivity. Our offer includes everything you need. Let us show you how it works!

RATTUNDE - Service Hotline/Technical Support

Guaranteeing precision:

re-aligning the chamfer or the production system

Numerous external influences such as severe temperature fluctuations in the machine environment or changes in the floor conditions where the machine is located can lead to deviations from the specified tolerances (deviations from the machining tolerances). In this special case, the solution is to realign the chamfer of the production system. Our experts and technicians can do this for you with their equipment designed for this purpose, giving you outstanding precision once again.

  • Optimization of machining tolerances
  • Chamfer re-alignment
  • Production system re-alignment
RATTUNDE - Service Hotline/Technical Support

Retrofitting solutions:
updating your production system

Retrofitting: Upgrading/retrofitting modules - Expanding components

One of the greatest advantages of the ACS® ACS production systems is the ability to adapt flexibly to changing requirements. The modular design of the RATTUNDE technology offers numerous options for optimizing and expanding existing capacities as well as adapting them to new product lines.

Would you like to add a stacking unit (a packing system for stacking finished workpieces) to your production system? Do your products need to be cleaned/washed, dried, and/or measured? Does the increasing digitalization of production present new challenges for you, e.g. with regard to OPC UA, machine data acquisition, Level 2 integration, Industry 4.0, etc.? No problem - we provide you with comprehensive support in the implementation of such requirements. A software update can also be the key to success. We continuously develop our software and hardware on the basis of the latest research, enabling you to update or upgrade your existing technology to reflect the state of the art.

It is also possible to combine RATTUNDE technology with our customers’ own or external systems and components. We support you in the integration of hardware and software, and provide any related special designs and programming (e.g. laser engraving, ultrasonic inspection/testing, color recognition, workpiece weight monitoring, transfer to welding or alignment lines, operating data acquisition and analysis, etc.). In addition, you can also integrate a wide variety of safety devices such as fences, light curtains and similar features, or adapt your system to revised machinery directives (EC).

We’ll find the appropriate solution for whatever you need. We will be happy to prepare a quotation for you, and review and discuss the technical details in depth with you.

RATTUNDE - Service Hotline/Technical Support

Relocation service:
Machine relocation and return to service made easy -

we’ve got you covered!

Are you planning to relocate your production in a new facility, or are you restructuring it? Would you like to redesign the material flow or the material infeed, so that your ACS® production system must be transferred to another location? Relocating complex, weighty structures that can’t be easily moved around requires experience, expertise and special equipment. The change in location must be well organized and meticulously executed. We offer comprehensive relocation services and manage all the planning, organization and execution. After relocation we re-commission the production system and return it to you with the usual outstanding quality and precision.

RATTUNDE - Service Hotline/Technical Support

Patented RATTUNDE clamping and processing tools

Quality makes the difference!

The RATTUNDE tools are designed specifically for the RATTUNDE® production systems and are individually tailored to your needs and production specifications. They enable you to manufacture your products economically, efficiently and consistently at the highest quality levels and to respond quickly and flexibly to continuously changing customer requirements. You’ll never have problems with complex new jobs again! Step up to the challenge! Our tool experts will provide you with advice and support, and design special tools for you as required. We focus on RATTUNDE quality, durability and optimal performance to ensure process reliability in your production!

  • Machines, tools, customer service and support - all from a single source!
  • Custom tool design
  • Tools in proven RATTUNDE quality
  • "Made in Germany" & Made by RATTUNDE
  • Fast response times
  • Manufacture your products economically, efficiently and with consistently high quality
  • Fast delivery (including express or courier delivery)
RATTUNDE - Service Hotline/Technical Support

Knowing how things work:
Practical training courses with RATTUNDE expertise

Beat the competition!

Optimally trained operators and maintenance staff ensure stable, reliable production.Transform your work and take your ACS® production system to peak performance! Knowledge makes the difference. Our thorough training enables you to leave your competition in the dust and respond flexibly to new challenges. Never turn down a job again and take advantage of your competitive edge. Get the most out of your machine. Our expert trainers will share their extensive knowledge as well as the latest tips and tricks for the ACS® production systems with you in practical, hands-on courses - always at the cutting edge of technology. Comprehensive training materials are included in the courses. Make the most of this opportunity and train your newly recruited staff members as well.

Extend your lead and reap the rewards:

  • technical training courses for users and expert operators to ensure reliable production
  • training for maintenance specialists - the key to high-quality, trouble-free production!
  • modular training courses (e.g. configuring chamfers, changing/replacing components)
  • customized user training courses
  • comprehensive product optimization
  • production support
  • customized software training courses
  • all training courses are available as in-house courses in Ludwigslust or on-site at the customers’ premises

Get in touch with us!

RATTUNDE - Service Hotline/Technical Support

Sharing of experience and expertise and effective product set-up

Take advantage of our interdisciplinary experience in a range of industries!

Benefit from our specialists’ know-how and decades of experience. They engage in continuous dialog across industries around the globe. If you need help setting up a product or want to optimize your processes and productivity, we’ll be glad to assist you. When we support you in enhancing your production, we define the settings, establish the optimal parameters and share our experience and expertise. This enables us to support you efficiently and effectively during ongoing production and make the most of your system.

Support and implementation of sawing tests

Sawing tests are useful in determining service lives, establishing cycle times or reducing unit costs. We provide support during testing and help you to find the optimal settings and parameters. This enables you to optimize the productivity of your system and keep production extremely cost-effective.

RATTUNDE - Service Hotline/Technical Support

Quality is the name of the game:
Software products for ACS® production systems

Maximizing value creation over the long term

ACS® Analyst

Identify potential areas of improvement and manufacture even more efficiently: with ACS® Analyst software, you can increase availability in no time, save costs and increase transparency in your production. Comprehensive analyses of machine data enable optimal control and monitoring of production jobs. Analyze job-related production and cutting data, saw blade service life, length tolerances, measuring system logs (circular run-out measurement, end-squareness measurement), productivity, downtimes, breaks and waiting times. Locate the causes of malfunctions and eliminate them using intelligent software.

Product data

  • Analysis for individual workpiece data
  • Statistical processing of all measuring results (workpiece length, circular run-out, end squareness, etc.)
  • Tabular and chart display of the job data (job statistics)
  • Listing of all product parameters
  • Import of the machine records into your own operating data system for analysis


  • Convenient method of statistical monitoring of machining jobs
  • Analysis of operational/business data, including productivity, downtimes, breaks and waiting times, cycle times
  • Calculation of service life, e.g. for saw blades and clamping tools
  • Display of selected data using individual filters
  • Analysis of times required for tool changes
  • User-friendly operating interfaces

ACS® Shadow

Training without obstacles. The ACS® Shadow simulation software makes it especially easy and cost-effective to train staff to operate all Rattunde ACS® production systems perfectly. At the same time, the machine-independent program can be used for convenient job planning.

Job planning and optimization

  • Generation and preparation of product data (excluding machine downtimes)
  • (Offline) recording and storage of production-relevant data
  • Mapping of all workpiece parameters
  • Recording of the product data in file format
  • Import of the workpiece files to the product database
  • Preparation of job lists

Training tool and training software

  • Training option for greater operating reliability and safety
  • Employee training without machine downtime
  • Mapping of the operator interfaces of existing machines
  • Mapping of all versions of the ACS production systems
  • Simultaneous display of multiple machines is possible

ACS® Agent

The ACS® Agent (performance/output calculator) is based on findings and results acquired through extensive testing. This program includes all variables relevant to the sawing and machining of tubes, rectangular profiles or solid material. All data are placed in relation to each other in the calculation of the production output. ACS® Agent can be used as a support tool in business administration as well as for production planning.

Production planning tool

  • Optimization of the production process with regard to cycle time, service life, tool wear, saw blade optimization
  • Specification of the optimal saw blade (with regard to quality, number of teeth, etc.)
  • Specification of the optimal production parameters
  • Clamping tool optimization

Tool for sales and operational production planning

  • Support tool for costing new and existing products
  • Calculation of the optimal starting master lengths/master lengths (raw material)
RATTUNDE - Service Hotline/Technical Support

Knowing what’s actually happening:

analyses and assessments

Production analysis and comparison of ACS® production systems

The production data from our ACS® production systems can be extensively analyzed. When you have two or more production systems, we can compare their production data and establish the differences. Then we can prepare an informative chart for you, indicating options for optimization. This enables you to better identify potential for improvement and enhance your performance. Get in touch with us!

Overview of the analyses:

  • Identification of the current software versions
  • Analysis of the workpieces produced, individually or in comparisons
  • Analysis and assessment of the saw blade service lives, individually or in comparisons
  • Root cause identification and evaluation of productivity
  • Identification and analysis of variations in productivity and key performance indicators

Measuring system analysis

Our production systems can be equipped with a wide range of measuring systems, such as the ACS® length measuring system or the CMS contour measuring system. Let us test the process capability of your measuring system for you. We perform measuring system analyses using methods 1 and 3: we analyze the accuracy and repeatability of the measuring system in a method 1 analysis and the repeatability and comparability for automated measuring systems in a method 3 analysis.

Method 3:

  • Q-DAS – ARM or ANOVA
  • Bosch procedure