Enabling optimal use of the ACS® production systems

The ACS® production systems by RATTUNDE are first-class, high-performance solutions with state-of-the-art technology for fast, efficient and cost-effective machining of workpieces and products of the highest quality. To ensure that our customers can always make optimal use of the technology, we provide advice and support with numerous qualified services. Whether with fast delivery of spare parts, competent remote maintenance or intensive training seminars, with RATTUNDE Service you ensure that your ACS® production systems always perform optimally. You’ll find a detailed introduction to our range of services below.

RATTUNDE SERVICE: Ensuring functionality

Even the highest-quality technology requires a bit of attention and care to ensure that it consistently operates with the desired precision and efficiency over the long term. With the Rattunde Service hotline, remote maintenance, spare parts, inspections, preventive maintenance and a professional repair service, we offer a comprehensive program from a single source to ensure consistent functional reliability.

RATTUNDE - Service hotline

Personal assistance:

Service hotline

Do you have questions about your RATTUNDE technology? Our service hotline is ready to assist you! The service hotline is your main contact for all inquiries, from ordering spare parts to requesting an installer. The qualified service hotline staff offers friendly, proactive assistance to ensure that your needs are rapidly met with optimal solutions. We are happy to answer any questions you may have by phone or in writing via e-mail.

RATTUNDE - Remote maintenance

Fast support:

Remote maintenance

Immediate support regardless of where your production site is located: that’s the major advantage of our remote maintenance service. If a technical issue or machine problem arises, the remote maintenance specialist of RATTUNDE AG (Germany) and
RATTUNDE Corporation (United States) can log into your ACS® production systems directly online, enabling them to analyze the technology without delay and develop a solution quickly.

You can also use this service very conveniently in a prepaid version. To do this, simply set up a prepaid credit in the desired amount, from which remote maintenance services performed as required will be deducted. The automatic half-yearly account statements provide full transparency with regard to the credit balance. Of course, you can also check your prepaid account directly at any time.

RATTUNDE - Repairing

Restoring functionality:

Spare parts supply and repair

Even the best technology is subject to wear that could lead to malfunctions, but you're on the safe side with RATTUNDE’s spare parts supply! We keep all spare parts in the original high quality in stock for all ACS® production systems to ensure immediate availability and extremely fast delivery.

Our spare parts supply services at a glance:

  • professional consulting on spare parts procurement
  • compilation of customized spare parts packages
  • packages of consumables
  • replacement of regenerated parts and assemblies
  • spare parts sales

Our tip: Create a small stock of frequently needed parts, special spare parts or special structural/machine parts on site. This will enable you to take action immediately in the event of a problem and minimize any downtimes. We will be happy to provide you with advice in this regard. If a malfunction or even a machine stoppage has already occurred, we will return the production system to full functionality as quickly as possible. Normally a RATTUNDE engineer will be at your site the following day to repair the system.


Preventive safety measures:


Prevention is better than cure. Regular inspections of your ACS® production systems ensure that your production processes run smoothly and efficiently. We create customized servicing schedules and inspect your systems thoroughly in accordance with these. The informative protocols not only describe the measures taken, but also provide recommendations for action to be taken on critical items. Upon request we will prepare a specific offer for you and support your trouble-free production processes with preventive maintenance services.

RATTUNDE - Predictive maintenance

Preventing malfunctions:

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is the right way to prevent malfunctions and consequential damage. Together with you, we clarify your requirements for spare parts and plan the servicing schedule for maintenance or repair work on your production system. This provides you with the following benefits:

  • minimal disruption of the production process due to maintenance work
  • prevention of unscheduled system downtimes
  • high machine availability for maximum productivity

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Making the most of all options: take advantage of our optimization services! With chamfer alignment, re-alignment of production systems, optimization via retrofits, machine relocation, product set-up, tool construction, training courses, special software, analyses and assessments – our range of services leaves nothing to be desired.

RATTUNDE - Service hotline

Guaranteeing precision:

Chamfer alignment and realignment of the production system

Our ACS® production systems are known for their extreme precision. Despite this, circumstances may result in deviations from the required machining tolerances. We have the technology and the experts to realign chamfers, enabling us to reliably reestablish the original precision in such cases.

Some conditions such as temperature fluctuations or changes in the flooring where the machine is located can cause such large deviations from the tolerance limits that chamfer realignment is not enough. No problem: we can also plan and implement the realignment of the entire production system.

RATTUNDE - Service hotline

Improving capability:

Retrofitting solutions

One of the greatest strengths of the ACS® production systems is the ability to adapt flexibly to changing requirements. RATTUNDE’s modular approach to its technology offers innumerable options for optimizing and expanding existing capacities as well as configuring them for new product lines. Tell us what you want and we will determine whether and how it can be implemented technically. After the analysis, we will prepare a detailed concept and a customized offer for the integration of new components, for example.

We are continuously developing and optimizing our software and hardware based on the latest research and empirical results, enabling you to maintain your existing technology at the state-of-the-art level via updates and/or upgrades. Likewise, it is possible to integrate RATTUNDE technology seamlessly with customer-specific or external technology. We support you in the integration of hard- and software and develop special designs and programming (e.g. laser engraving, ultrasound inspection, color detection, workpiece weight checks, transfer to welding or alignment lines, recording and analyzing operating data, etc.). Our retrofitting services also include additional safety devices such as fences and light curtains, as well as adaptation of the production systems to changed machinery directives (CE).

RATTUNDE retrofitting services:

  • Consulting and planning for retrofits or system expansions
  • Preparation and integration of additional parts and components in accordance with the ACS® Standard (SCB step conveyor bridge, inspection table, WDM washing machine with dryer, SRT stacking robot and much more)
  • Modernization or refurbishing of existing assemblies and components
  • Hardware and software upgrades, software updates and product data backup
  • Development and installation of customer-specific special solutions
  • Retrofitting and integration of additional safety devices
  • Integration of external production lines (software integration, special solutions)
RATTUNDE - Service hotline

Relocation service:

Machine relocation and recommissioning

ACS® production systems are complex, heavy structures that cannot be moved at a moment’s notice. The relocation must thus be well-planned and carefully implemented. We do this work for you and take care of the planning, organization and execution of the machine relocation, including recommissioning.

RATTUNDE - Service hotline

Production assistance:

Product setup, configuration and optimization

If you need help with setting up and configuring products and/or production lines, or optimizing processes and productivity, we will be happy to assist you. We offer training courses, product optimization and production support in which we define the optimal parameters and settings together with you and support you during ongoing production.

RATTUNDE - Service hotline

Tool design & construction:

Development and manufacturing of tools

To enable you to meet individual product and production requirements, we develop and manufacture corresponding tools and special tools for the ACS® production system. This ensures manufacturing tailored to your needs and products. Whether for single or multiple cut or TWIN operation, we have the appropriate tools for our production system and your production.

RATTUNDE - Service hotline

Knowing how things work:

Training courses sharing RATTUNDE expertise

Optimally trained operators or maintenance staff ensure stable, reliable production, prevent hazardous situations (e.g. crashes due to operating errors) and enable ACS® production systems to achieve peak performance. We enjoy sharing the knowledge required for all this with you.

We offer training courses taught by experienced specialists and provide training documentation for future reference specifically for working with our ACS® production systems. Refresher courses and training courses for new staff members are available as well. These services prevent specialist knowledge from getting lost in production and minimize errors.

Training courses at a glance:

  • Operator training courses
  • Maintenance training courses
  • Modular training courses (e.g. configuring chamfers, changing components)
RATTUNDE - Service hotline

Quality is the name of the game:

Software products for ACS® production systems

ACS® Analyst

The ACS® Analyst for SPC software enables comprehensive analyses of machine records from ACS® production systems, facilitating optimal control and monitoring of production jobs and tools.

Product data

  • Analysis of product data for each individual workpiece
  • Statistical processing of all workpiece-related measurement results such as workpiece length, circular runout, axial runout, etc.
  • Mapping of all product parameters
  • Order statistics (charts/tables)
  • Import of the machine records for analysis


  • Convenient method of statistical monitoring of machining orders
  • Calculation of the service life for the tools used
  • Display of selected data using individual filters
  • Tool change assessment
  • User-friendly operating interfaces

ACS® Shadow

The ACS® Shadow simulation software makes it especially easy and economical to train staff to operate all ACS® production systems from RATTUNDE perfectly. At the same time, the machine-independent program can be used for convenient job planning.

Process engineering/planning

  • Generation of product data without machine downtime
  • Offline recording and storage of production-relevant data
  • Mapping of all workpiece parameters
  • Recording of product data
  • Import of the workpiece files in the product database

Use for training purposes

  • Training option for more operating reliability and safety
  • Employee training without machine downtime
  • Mapping of the operator interfaces of existing machines
  • Mapping of all versions of the ACS® production systems
  • Display of multiple machines possible

ACS® Agent

The ACS® Agent (performance/output calculator) is based on findings and results acquired through extensive testing. This program includes all variables relevant to the sawing and machining of tubing, rectangular profiles or solid material. All data are related to each other in the calculation of the production outputs.

Production planning

  • Determination of the best saw blade in terms of quality, number of teeth, etc.
  • Determination of the optimal production parameters
  • Monitoring tool use with regard to downtime, etc.
  • Clamping tool optimization

Use as a sales/marketing tool

  • Unit cost calculation without complex series of tests
  • Cut optimization via calculation of the optimal starting master lengths
RATTUNDE - Service hotline

Knowing what’s actually happening:

analyses and assessments

Production analysis and comparison of ACS® production systems

The production data from our ACS® production systems can be extensively analyzed. When you have two or more production systems, we can compare their production data and establish the differences. Based on these data, we prepare an informative chart and show you how to optimize your systems.

Overview of the analyses:

  • Determination of the current software versions
  • Analysis of the workpieces produced, individually or in comparisons
  • Analysis and assessment of the saw blade service lives, individually or in comparisons
  • Root cause determination and evaluation of productivity or the differences in productivity
  • Determination of the key productivity indicators individually or in comparison, plus analysis

Measuring system analysis

Our production systems can be equipped with a wide range of measuring systems, such as the ACS® length measuring system or the CMS contour measuring system. We will be happy to test the process capability of your measuring system. We perform measuring system analyses using methods 1 and 3: we analyze the accuracy and repeatability of the measuring system in a method 1 analysis and the repeatability and comparability for automated measuring systems in a method 3 analysis.

Method 3:

  • Q-DAS – ARM or ANOVA
  • Bosch procedure

Support and implementation of sawing tests

Sawing tests are useful in determining service lives, establishing cycle times or reducing unit costs. We provide support during testing and help you to find the optimal settings and parameters, so that you can configure your production systems for maximum productivity.