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    ... from tubes to solid material!
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    In addition to the basic processes of sawing and shearing of tubes and solid material, for example, RATTUNDE production systems can also integrate a wide variety of processes including brush-deburring, end machining, (facing and chamfering of workpieces), and curve machining (thread and groove cutting, drilling, external lathing, external and internal contour lathing and chamfering). In short, you’ll have a high-performance system tailored specifically to your requirements, the corresponding service, and finished end products that are labeled, measured, washed and stacked, ready for you to pack and ship.

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    RATTUNDE Services at a Glance

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    ACS® Production Systems for Sawing Tubes, Rods and Profiles

    RATTUNDE sets global standards for reliability, productivity and quality. Precision electronics combined with proprietary software developed specifically for our systems guarantees accurate repeatability as well as minimal set-up and unit costs. Our machines produce outstanding results with thin-walled tubing as well. Extensive vertical integration and our own in-house research and development department enable us to influence practically all manufacturing processes to the fullest extent. That’s why we also equip our production systems with proprietary clamping and machining tools. Whether you want to process steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals, you’ll enjoy success with our equipment.

    Accurate Repeatability Combined with Minimal Set-up and Unit Costs.

    End-machining Tubes & Rods

    RATTUNDE ACS® production systems automatically saw master lengths/fixed lengths into workpieces of any length and transfer these automatically to a subsequent machining process. The extensive range of machining options includes turning, chamfering and facing, thread cutting, drilling, profile turning, groove cutting, radius chamfering, angled chamfering and much more. Via minimal lubrication directly at the cutting edge of the tool, the system also enables you to achieve maximum quality and tool life when milling out the inside of a workpiece. User interfaces provide the operator with reliable guidance and ensure fast product set-up even with complex part geometry. The use of state-of-the-art machine control systems enables the seamless integration of every process in the machine design. For even greater process reliability in customer operations, we offer you extensive training for your operating and maintenance staff as well as product optimization. Comprehensive customer service around the globe completes our program.