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    Software products for ACS production systems
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    ACS Analyst

    Identify potential areas of improvement and manufacture even more efficiently: with ACS Analyst software, you can increase availability in no time, save costs and increase transparency in your production. Comprehensive analyses of machine data enable optimal control and monitoring of production jobs. Analyze job-related production and cutting data, saw blade service life, length tolerances, measuring system logs (circular run-out measurement, end-squareness measurement), productivity, downtimes, breaks and waiting times. Locate the causes of malfunctions and eliminate them using intelligent software.

    Product data

    • Analysis for individual workpiece data
    • Statistical processing of all measuring results (workpiece length, circular run-out, end squareness, etc.)
    • Tabular and chart display of the job data (job statistics)
    • Listing of all product parameters
    • Import of the machine records into your own operating data system for analysis


    • Convenient method of statistical monitoring of machining jobs
    • Analysis of operational/business data, including productivity, downtimes, breaks and waiting times, cycle times
    • Calculation of service life, e.g. for saw blades and clamping tools
    • Display of selected data using individual filters
    • Analysis of times required for tool changes
    • User-friendly operating interfaces

    ACS Shadow

    Training without obstacles. The ACS Shadow simulation software makes it especially easy and cost-effective to train staff to operate all Rattunde ACS production systems perfectly. At the same time, the machine-independent program can be used for convenient job planning.

    Job planning and optimization

    • Generation and preparation of product data (excluding machine downtimes)
    • (Offline) recording and storage of production-relevant data
    • Mapping of all workpiece parameters
    • Recording of the product data in file format
    • Import of the workpiece files to the product database
    • Preparation of job lists

    Training tool and training software

    • Training option for greater operating reliability and safety
    • Employee training without machine downtime
    • Mapping of the operator interfaces of existing machines
    • Mapping of all versions of the ACS production systems
    • Simultaneous display of multiple machines is possible

    ACS Agent

    The ACS Agent (performance/output calculator) is based on findings and results acquired through extensive testing. This program includes all variables relevant to the sawing and machining of tubes, rectangular profiles or solid material. All data are placed in relation to each other in the calculation of the production output. ACS Agent can be used as a support tool in business administration as well as for production planning.

    Production planning tool

    • Optimization of the production process with regard to cycle time, service life, tool wear, saw blade optimization
    • Specification of the optimal saw blade (with regard to quality, number of teeth, etc.)
    • Specification of the optimal production parameters
    • Clamping tool optimization

    Tool for sales and operational production planning

    • Support tool for costing new and existing products
    • Calculation of the optimal starting master lengths/master lengths (raw material)

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