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    Knowing what’s actually happening:
    analyses and assessments


    Production analysis and comparison of ACS production systems

    The production data from our ACS production systems can be extensively analyzed. When you have two or more production systems, we can compare their production data and establish the differences. Then we can prepare an informative chart for you, indicating options for optimization. This enables you to better identify potential for improvement and enhance your performance. Get in touch with us!

    Overview of the analyses:

    • Identification of the current software versions
    • Analysis of the workpieces produced, individually or in comparisons
    • Analysis and assessment of the saw blade service lives, individually or in comparisons
    • Root cause identification and evaluation of productivity
    • Identification and analysis of variations in productivity and key performance indicators

    Measuring system analysis

    Our production systems can be equipped with a wide range of measuring systems, such as the ACS length measuring system or the CMS contour measuring system. Let us test the process capability of your measuring system for you. We perform measuring system analyses using methods 1 and 3: we analyze the accuracy and repeatability of the measuring system in a method 1 analysis and the repeatability and comparability for automated measuring systems in a method 3 analysis.

    Method 3:

    • Q-DAS – ARM or ANOVA
    • Bosch procedure

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