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    Retrofitting solutions:
    updating your production system
    Retrofitting - Upgrading/retrofitting modules - Expanding components


    One of the greatest advantages of the ACS production systems is the ability to adapt flexibly to changing requirements. The modular design of the RATTUNDE technology offers numerous options for optimizing and expanding existing capacities as well as adapting them to new product lines.

    Would you like to add a stacking unit (a packing system for stacking finished workpieces) to your production system? Do your products need to be cleaned/washed, dried, and/or measured? Does the increasing digitalization of production present new challenges for you, e.g. with regard to OPC UA, machine data acquisition, Level 2 integration, Industry 4.0, etc.? No problem – we provide you with comprehensive support in the implementation of such requirements. A software update can also be the key to success. We continuously develop our software and hardware on the basis of the latest research, enabling you to update or upgrade your existing technology to reflect the state of the art.

    It is also possible to combine RATTUNDE technology with our customers’ own or external systems and components. We support you in the integration of hardware and software, and provide any related special designs and programming (e.g. laser engraving, ultrasonic inspection/testing, color recognition, workpiece weight monitoring, transfer to welding or alignment lines, operating data acquisition and analysis, etc.). In addition, you can also integrate a wide variety of safety devices such as fences, light curtains and similar features, or adapt your system to revised machinery directives (EC).

    We’ll find the appropriate solution for whatever you need. We will be happy to prepare a quotation for you, and review and discuss the technical details in depth with you.

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