ACS LogoTOP SHEAR Chipless Shearing

Diameter range
min. 17 mm inside to max. 80 mm outside
≥ 16 mm inside
Master lengths

3000 – 6500 /
8000 / 9500 / 12,500 /
14,500 / 16,500 mm
Bundle weight 5000 kg (6000 kg)

Production accuracy of the
workpiece length
Reference dimension Da = 30 mm

± 0.1 mm

Maximum production output Single cut
max. 11,000 pcs/h
Cutting force max.
100,000 N
(150,000 N optional)
Set-up times,
outer tools (pre-configured)
10 min
Set-up times,
inner tools (pre-configured)
10 min
Time required for changing
all clamping tools (all
cutting tools pre-configured)
30 min

Technical Functions - ACS® + TOP SHEAR Chipless Shearing

Innovative, user-friendly and powerful

  • Production system for shearing pipes in single-cut mode
  • Chipless shearing process for thin-walled materials that are difficult to machine
  • Shearing without material loss
  • Minimal unit costs and maximum output
  • Outstanding tool service life thanks to servo-controlled shearing gap measurement including automatic monitoring and adjustment during the ongoing process
  • Inner and outer tools can be repeatedly sharpened
  • CNC production system
  • Ultra-dynamic servo drives
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Fully automated production process
  • Material feed via bundle-loading magazine
  • Automatic separation and positioning of the initial material
  • Minimal set-up and unit costs thanks to minimal cycle times
  • Optimal process reliability in production
  • Maximum reliability and flexibility in production
  • User-friendly screen interfaces and clearly structured menu navigation
  • Job-based production process:
    • creation, storage and administration of job lists, products and cutting data
    • workpiece parameters and machine settings are loaded fully automatically and processed
    • evaluation and analysis of job-related production and cutting data
    • contactless material edge detection for material trim-cut and tag ends ≥ 0 mm
  • Defined outward transfer of workpieces via 2 possible material outlets
  • Crash monitoring and analysis
  • Monitoring of tension on the clamping tools
    • Clamping force continuously adjustable
  • Defined outward transfer of workpieces according to individual parameters, when e.g.
    • clamping errors occur
    • a cut is incomplete
  • Central monitoring and operation of the cutting tools and shearing parameters
    • Piece counter
    • Shearing surface
    • Shearing stroke
  • Compliant with CE requirements as well as applicable directives and guidelines of the European Union and North America
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