About us

The rise from a garage company to a global technological leader succeeds over and over again in the most innovative German industry – mechanical engineering! Twenty-five years ago, with a tiny group of staff members, great hopes and a lot of courage, we began manufacturing specialized machines, then developed the ACS Saw-machining Centers and transformed them into the versatile ACS Production Systems. The German and European Patent Offices have repeatedly confirmed our expertise in cutting-edge technology by granting us a number of patents.

Our highly qualified specialists, technicians and engineers are not only responsible for the industrial manufacturing of the ACS Production Systems at our state-of-the-art factory; they also enthusiastically research the implementation of innovative technologies in new machines – with great success!
Rattunde machines have made a lasting impression on European and North American companies in the tube industry, steel mills, automotive suppliers, furniture manufacturers and bicycle makers. They all value the security for the future that Rattunde technology offers with its combination of innovation and quality. They decided to use the fastest and most precise production system available on the market.

Those who purchase a Rattunde ACS Production System can implement intelligent manufacturing from the very beginning all the way to the workpiece ready for shipping.